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jude is a front-end developer with a passion for
the arcana of software

since the age of 10, they’ve been exploring
advanced topics, such as compilers, programming languages, type systems
— sharing gained knowledge with the community

all while honing their UI/UX, motion, and design skills to deliver
obvious and seamless visual experiences

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Linnaeus University, Sweden

2021 · 24   Software Engineering BSc Degree
from LNU, Sweden

2024   I am a part of the team responsible for implementing Hunch's primary product
— a dynamic, no-code platform that integrates multiple AI models, enhancing productivity and creativity. My focus is on delivering a seamless and high standard user experience.

2023   I invented and engineered Snaplet’s innovative product, the VS Code extension for instant preview databases in the local environment.
In general, my mission was to push the boundaries of user experience across the product offering.

2020 · 23   I developed Millie’s entire pivotal student portal with scalability in mind to allow for tens of thousands of concurrent real-time users.
I designed, architected, and spearheaded the implementation of a variety of crucial tooling to propel Millie into the EdTech industry.


2020   I designed, built from the ground up, and deployed an e-commerce website for a local family business who was in need of help during the COVID‑19 crisis.

2018 · 2019   I’ve led the IT&Photo team during the 16th edition of Zwierciadła - the largest and most recognizable nation-wide theatre event for the youth. We’ve successfully revamped the event's national brand, and cooperated with multiple partners and sponsors. That edition was a great success and attracted 1000+ spectators at just one venue.

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